"Our next Auction occurs on Saturday 27th January . Vendors and Buyers, please help us make it huge"

This is a Willoughby gravel washer. Ideal for fossicking for gems and gold nuggets. Still as good as the day it was invented! Surely in its hay day, it would have been used with a good old metal garbage bin.

If you have any antique or rare tools and implements gathering dust on your property, why not turn them into cash. Items such as these rarities usually fetch good money for their vendors.

Yes, we do offer everything, including the odd kitchen sink. This one went under the hammer at the August Auction.

This beautiful wooden 3 masted ship sold recently at a Willunga Lions Auction. With Christmas coming along very soon, toys of all sorts, whether they are for 'big' boys and girls or for the kids, collectibles like these are always in demand.

The Poultry, Birds and Small Animal Auctions commence at 9.30 sharp. No entries are permitted after 9am. Usually Lion Graham Smith acts as Auctioneer. As a Nation Bird Judge, Grahams knowledge and skill is often required elsewhere within Australia. In this case one of our other volunteer auctioneers steps into the role. There is always a fantastic variety of all categories on offer, as can be seen from the images below

Lion Auctioneer Graham Smith in 'full... flight'?

These Plymouth Rock Chicks are ready for their new egg laying future. Historically the Plymouth Rock is an American breed , first seen in Massachusetts in the 19th Century. It is a dual purpose chook raised for its excellent meat quality and its brown eggs.

The Rhode Island Red is also originally an American breed. Again developed in Massachusetts, it was the result of cross breeding poultry such as the Malay with brown Leghorns, which emanated from Italy. At our first Auction for 2022, there were also a number of ducks, doves, budgerigars and finches as well as some other rabbits.

"Why not go through your sheds, garages, cupboards, attics or wherever you store your unused gear and bring it down, so that one of our Auctioneers can turn it into money for both you and the Community! We charge 20% commission and that is for a good cause".

The new Honour Board was built for us by Ibis Timber Creations and the proceeds from this and all their other products are donated to the Cancer Council. If you would like some specialist woodwork done, contact Laurie on 0414 302 395 or Alan on 0410 211 458.

On rather a damp Sunday afternoon on June 19th, some 50 relatives and friends of Lions joined us for afternoon tea at Centenary Park. As part of the afternoon President Bill, 1st VP Neville and 2nd VP Gerry inaugurated our new Service Board, honouring Lions past and Friends of Lions, who have given us valuable service.

In Other News: We are always searching for new Club Members and Auction Volunteers. As a Club Member, for the payment of a small annual fee, (less than $10 per month), you get a voice into the running of our Club and a huge opportunity to make new friends. We work hard at the upkeep of Centenary Park at Willunga and there is always something to do there. We are all about raising money for both the local Community and further afield. Membership includes an invitation to our monthly business meetings and to our monthly social evening. So, if you fancy knowing a bit more about what we do, why not talk to us at our booth in Strout's Barn at the Auction on the last Saturday of the month?

if you choose to become a volunteer, we would be very pleased to welcome you either at our auctions, or in our Ladies Auxilliary Boutique at Butterworth Road, Aldinga Beach. You can find more information on this website, or again talk to us on the Membership booth as mentioned above.